I spent most of my life studying the Sciences and accomplished my parents’ dream by becoming a doctor. However, I’ve always been in love with the creatives. The musicians, the dancers, the painters, and the writers. I always loved their ability to express and envoke their feeling through their work. While I do enjoy my work, I am infatuated with art and culture. I started Pirend with the dream of catering to this love. Established in 2019, the first task I envisioned was of curating a pop-up art gallery of artists. Artists who I knew whose works have inspired me. THEN 2020 HAPPENED. To say 2020 has been a stressful year would be a disgraceful understatement. So like the true Capricorn that I am, I needed to channel my energy into doing something productive. I pivoted my idea. I came up with a way to express my frustrations with the injustices I face as a black man in America. While raising money for the ACLU, the LDF, and BLM. Because this entire system needs to be dismantled.