J.K. Dobbins Pivotal in Ravens Win: 93 Yds, I Want It on My Back


The Baltimore Ravens have been looking for a big piece to add to their offense for some time now. After missing out on last season’s Super Bowl, many saw this offseason as an opportunity for the Ravens to improve their offense. That all changed when the Ravens traded for running back J.K. Dobbins.

Dobbins was a second-round selection out of Ohio State in the 2020 NFL Draft. In his two seasons as a Buckeye, Dobbins rushed for over 4,000 yards and 40 touchdowns while catching another 50 passes for 495 yards and three touchdowns. His ability to be a three-down back immediately made him a prime target for the Ravens.

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The Ravens felt that adding Dobbins to their offense would be a pivotal move and they were right. Since joining the Ravens, Dobbins has been a consistent presence on the ground and in the passing game. In his first season, Dobbins rushed for 805 yards and nine touchdowns while also catching 35 passes for 225 yards and one touchdown. He was a spark for the Ravens offense and was a big part of their success.

Dobbins’ presence has also been felt in the passing game. He is a dual-threat running back who can be used as a receiver out of the backfield. This has been a great asset for the Ravens, who have been able to keep defenses guessing by running the ball with Dobbins and passing it to him out of the backfield.

Dobbins’ impact on the Ravens is undeniable. He has been a crucial part of the offense and has been a key contributor to the Ravens’ success this season. With Dobbins in the backfield, the Ravens have been able to take their offense to the next level and become one of the most dynamic offenses in the NFL.

Dobbins is also a leader in the locker room. He works hard and is a great teammate. He is often seen pushing his teammates to give their best effort and is a great example of hard work and dedication.

Dobbins’ return to the Ravens this season will be a pivotal one. He has already shown what he can do on the field, and the Ravens are relying on him to continue to be a playmaker and leader for their offense. If Dobbins can keep up his strong play, the Ravens could be in for a special season and a return to the Super Bowl.