Indigenous & Black Republicans: A Rare Sight in the 2020 Election


Indigenous people have long been a significant part of the American political landscape. For generations, they have fought for the rights of minorities and championed civil rights causes. In recent years, however, much of that focus has shifted away from Indigenous issues as attention has been drawn to other racial issues in the United States. Now, however, with the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, Indigenous people are again becoming a major force in American politics, and they are now seeing a resurgence of support from Republicans.

In the last few years, Republicans have largely been silent on Indigenous issues. This silence has been seen as a sign that Republicans were not interested in supporting Indigenous people or their causes. However, this has begun to change in recent months, with several prominent Republican politicians speaking out in support of Indigenous rights. In particular, Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska has been a strong advocate for Indigenous causes, speaking out in favor of Native American voting rights, tribal sovereignty, and promoting economic development for Indigenous communities. Additionally, Republican Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma has been a vocal supporter of the protection of sacred Indigenous sites, such as the Bears Ears National Monument in Utah.

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This newfound support from Republicans has been welcomed with open arms by Indigenous communities. Many Indigenous people have expressed their gratitude for the increased attention given to Indigenous issues, and they are hopeful that this support will lead to meaningful policy change. The Republican Party has been historically opposed to many Indigenous initiatives, such as land rights and tribal sovereignty, but with this new support, these issues could finally begin to see significant progress. Additionally, Indigenous people have noted that Republican support will help to make Indigenous issues a more prominent part of the national conversation, which could lead to greater support from Americans as a whole.

Not all Republicans have been supportive of Indigenous causes, however. Numerous Republican politicians have consistently opposed Indigenous initiatives, and many have attacked Indigenous leaders in the past. Still, Indigenous advocates are hopeful that this recent shift in Republican attitudes will lead to greater progress in the years to come. It remains to be seen how much support the Republican Party will offer Indigenous people in the future, but for now, Indigenous people are looking to the future with optimism.

Indigenous people have long been at the forefront of civil rights causes, and they are now seeing a revival of support from Republicans. This newfound support could finally lead to meaningful policy change regarding Indigenous issues, and it could make Indigenous issues more prominent in the national conversation. For Indigenous people, this support from Republicans is a crucial step in the right direction, and it could finally lead to the recognition and respect that Indigenous people have long been denied.