Cowboys Brett Maher Nails Extra Point in NFC Wild Card Showdown


Dallas Cowboys fans have been abuzz ever since the signing of reputable kicker Brett Maher in the offseason. Maher, who had been a free agent after spending last season with the New York Jets, is poised to take a starring role in the Cowboys’ offense. But perhaps more importantly, the star kicker brings a wealth of experience and skill that could help elevate the Cowboys to the next level of success.

Maher is a six-year NFL veteran who spent the last two seasons with the Jets and was named to the Pro Bowl in 2017. He’s had a knack for long field goals throughout his career, and his accuracy with the extra point has been remarkable. In his two seasons with the Jets, he was successful on an impressive 94.7 percent of his extra point attempts. Maher has also been a reliable option from both short and long range, connecting on 78.9 percent of his field goals from 40 yards and beyond.

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The Cowboys are no strangers to the professional kicking game, having had some of the most reliable kickers in the league in recent years. But Maher’s addition is a welcomed improvement, as he brings a level of accuracy and consistency that the Cowboys haven’t seen in some time. Maher is expected to take over the starting role from Dan Bailey, who was released by the team earlier in the offseason.

In addition to his experience, Maher is bringing an impressive skill set to the Cowboys. He has a strong leg and the ability to hit long field goals with accuracy. He also has a knack for the extra point, something that the Cowboys have struggled with in the last few seasons. Maher’s connection rate on extra points has been remarkable, and the Cowboys are hoping that he can help them get back to a more stable offensive outing.

The Cowboys are looking to Maher not just to make a few kicks here and there, but to help them become a more consistent team. Maher has the skill to turn those short yardage situations into points, and if he can remain accurate throughout the season, then the Cowboys should have no trouble scoring points and remaining competitive. Maher is expected to make an immediate impact on the team, and they’re hoping he can help them get over the hump and back into contention.

The Cowboys are looking forward to having Maher as an integral part of their team, and they’re hoping he can help them get back to their winning ways. His skill set and experience are a welcomed addition to their roster, and there’s no doubt that he can help them take a step forward. If he can remain consistent and accurate throughout the season, then the Cowboys will be a force to be reckoned with come playoff time.